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Meet Lana Salon

In the hair care business, there's something new every day. Professionals need more than talent and skill; they need the right techniques. Lana Brasiles stands out as a crucial ally, providing quality products, appropriate solutions, education and technical support. Our commitment is to pursue excellence and innovation, being a reliable partner for hairdressers and specialists, aiming for the highest quality standards. In the text below we will explore Lana Brasiles' unique services and their impact on the community of hair professionals.


How Lana Brasiles was born

LANA BRASILES is a professional cosmetics brand, born in 2019 and already present in more than 49 countries.

LANA BRASILES is committed to creating professional cosmetics and personal care products with impressive results and without animal cruelty - without using ingredients or testing on animals. We want to show that it is possible to unite beauty and conscience. Uniting performance, design and sustainability in a balanced way.
We value the development of more balanced and efficient products, which are born from the active ingredients present in Brazilian flora and offer profound results, without weighing down the hair.
What is Lana Salon?

More than a supplier, more than a brand!

With Lana Salon your salon will have:
- Exclusive promotions (Taylor made);
- Exclusive combos and kits (Taylor made);
- Key account (Commercial Support).

Joint Commercial Actions:

Lana Brasiles with its education products (Lana Day, Lana Work Shop), creates an environment conducive to the conquest of new customers and sales, adding value in the professional, technical, products and services of its salon.

The salon's technical team and staff receive and are impacted by:
- Training in sales techniques;
- Technical tips on products;
- Sales campaigns (Corridinha and the like);
- The Lana Brasiles website advertises partner salons and sends leads, as well as receiving feedback on each lead.
- Social media collabs (boosts and joint campaigns)

Kit Introduction Items

AVENTAL FASHION: Lana Brasiles apron with an exclusive design made from natural canvas and with nothing of animal origin, beautiful and vegan!
KIMONO FASHION: Lana Brasiles Kimono with an exclusive design, simple and chic as it should be.
COCONUT BOWL: The exclusive, natural bowl made from natural coconut. Fashionable, ecological, beautiful and full of good energy for hair treatments.

POS VISUAL MERCHANDISING: Local advertising pieces such as banners, cards, plastic bags and the like.

TESTERS: Products made available for testing, which encourage sales and support the sales approach.

SACHES: Lana Brasiles products in sachets for direct promotion to consumers.

GLASS STICKER: A fashionable and chic sticker to be affixed at the entrance to the salon to indicate LANA SALON.

FOREST TANINO LAUNDRY KIT (LAUNCH): A special launch kit for the brand's washbasin.

RULES: The introductory kit will be limited to 20% of the introductory order.

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