Terms & Conditions

Learn the rules of the Lana Brasiles and your rights and duties as an importer/customer.

For any import there are the Incoterms rules. Incoterms is the abbreviation for International Commercial
Terms. These terms address several standardized norms that regulate aspects of international trade. The
Incoterms was created by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) with the objective of defining the
responsibility of the seller and the buyer in different export and import situations.

The company Lana Brasiles uses the Incoterm E.X.W.

  • In the EXW Incoterm the goods are placed at the disposal of the buyer (client) in the establishment of the seller (Lana Brasiles) or in another named place (factory, warehouse, etc.), not cleared for export.
  • At Lana Brasiles, we work with couriers that already clear the cargo depending on the legislation of their country. It is the responsibility of the client to pay the import taxes.
  • The customs obligations, where applicable, are not the responsibility of the seller (Lana Brasiles) if what is required are personal documentation of the client (importer) or specific to your country, and it is also the obligation of the importer (client) to check the customs rules of your country before any import of cosmetics.
  • The Lana Brasiles has a support team dedicated to following your cargo until the arrival at destination, offering support in possible problems that may arise in the import, even though it is not the obligation of the seller. It is also the responsibility of the company to offer all the documentation correctly for the importation, as Invoice and MSDS (except for personal documentation of the client (importer) or your country).

About entry impediments:

  • It is extremely important that you (customer/importer) check your country’s import rules before purchase.
  • See if your country allows:
    1. Cosmetics import;
    2. The entry of couriers;
    3. Importation from Brazil.

About Your Address:

  • Your address information is extremely important. Please ensure that you have entered the correct Street, Number, County, City, Zip, State or Region, Country, Email Contact, Mobile, and/or Ordinary Telephone. NOTE: the zip code is very important; the p.o. box is not the same as the zip code, please note that we need the zip code, not the p.o. box. NOTE 2: if the address is given to us wrong, we will not be responsible for inaccuracies or refunds.

Faulty Products Policy

  • It is extremely important that you, the customer (importer), check your box at the time of delivery, and if it is in very poor condition you must refuse the box at the time of delivery, returning it to the courier. Note: Send your claim number with the courier to our support contacts so we can assist you with the best course of action. Note 2: Without the claim number, there is no way to help you. Make sure you open it and keep it.
  • We ship the box with Lana Brasiles tapes, if it is relacquered by the courier tape it is important that you question the courier the reason for opening your box and verify that all products are inside the shipment. If it was not possible to refuse the box on delivery, it is extremely important that you take pictures of how the box was received, and any products that are leaking.
  • If this occurs, you can open a call with our support team using our contact information.
  • In case of leakage, loss or other problems that may occur, we will open a complaint / call with the courier chosen and follow up the case so we can analyze together the best course of action. You can count on our experience, agility and partnership to try to mitigate any problem and reduce losses to a minimum.
  • The deadline for analysis of your call may take 10 to 30 days, to finalize the process and reship the damaged products, if necessary.
  • The deadline for reporting any kind of problem or damage to your shipment is up to 7 calendar days after receipt of the box. After that, no further consideration will be given to the order.
  • If any of the five (5) situations listed below happen to your products, we guarantee
  • Exchange for a new product or refund your money:
    1. Adulterated or counterfeit products;
    2. Expired products;
    3. Chemically altered products *;
    4. Products with leaks **;
    5. Products with broken or malfunctioning bottles, caps or adhesives ***.

*Proven chemical alteration.
** Leaks that exceed 5% of the internal content.
*** Breakage or malfunction that prevents the product from being marketed.

Refunds and order cancellations.

  • The deadline for cancellation and refund of your order is until the shipment is collected from our company. After collection, cancellation is not possible, because the chances of return to Brazil are minimal. Always check your tracking number to verify where your shipment is (tracking number is sent via e-mail as soon as it is finalized).
  • Lana Brasiles products are for professional use. We are not responsible if the result of the application does not come out as expected due to lack of technical skills.
  • There is no possibility to request order cancellation or refund due to refusal to pay taxes in your country. As mentioned above, it is the responsibility of the customer (importer) to check the customs rules of his country before making the purchase. Remember that the taxes, when charged are not a charge from Lana Brasiles (exporter) and yes of the importing country, according to the legislation.
  • Cases of refund that are not before the collection will only be in accordance with the policy of misplaced products that is described above. Where we open a call with the courier in case of missing a product on delivery or with leaks above 5%.

By impeding or returning boxes:

  • In Brazil, it is not easy to import cosmetics. Most imported products are blocked and considered abandoned, because the rules, fees and taxes are strict, which makes the cost higher than the original cost of the cosmetic products.
  • Therefore, if the shipment sent to you comes back, we will consider the goods as lost. We can not accept returns if your box returns for reasons beyond the Brazilian laws or errors in the shipment, Buy Brazil Store disclaims responsibility for losses.

Your rights and guarantees:

  • ORIGINALITY WARRANTY: We sell only original products purchased directly from factories, with invoice and guarantee of origin.
  • Shelf Life: We only sell products within their expiration date.
  • QUALITY AND OUTPUT: Our products are stored within the temperature and brightness recommended by the manufacturers. Excluding the transportation period, the products do not suffer from adverse conditions that chemically damage them.
  • ANTI-LEAKAGE WARRANTY: We have a system we use with the bottles to prevent leakage. That said, you should understand that we open all bottles, insert a plastic seal, and reseal.

Contact Data:
WhatsApp: +55 (11) 96314-3838