Hair Straightening: Unraveling the Choice between Formaldehyde and Veganism

Hair Straightening: Unraveling the Choice between Formaldehyde and Veganism

Nowadays, many women have a hectic routine and sometimes don't have enough time to take care of their hair. Waking up and going to sleep with perfectly straight hair is a dream, isn't it? But yes, it's real! Follow the article below and stay updated on the new trend in salons all across Brazil.

How to take care of hair effectively without harming the health of the strands?

Many consumers have no idea of the harm that a formaldehyde-based hair straightening treatment can cause, not only to the hair but also to health. In addition to formaldehyde, there are risks such as hair loss, irritation, redness, or even burns. Inhaling this component can cause sore throat, coughing, reduced respiratory rate, and even lung cancer. Chronic exposure can lead to allergic reactions, vision impairment, and liver enlargement.

We've separated in this link an article from Infomoney about straightening treatments tested by Proteste and rejected. There is a growing number of women seeking safe straightening treatments, without formaldehyde, vegan, and not tested on animals.

Formaldehyde-free straightening is an alternative that preserves hair health without compromising safety during application. The use of alternative ingredients such as glyoxylic acid and tannic acid provides straightening results without the potential health risks.

• Nourishing Formula: In addition to straightening the hair, hydration and nourishment are visible from the moment of application. Formaldehyde-free straightening treatments have emollient properties that penetrate the deepest layers, acting on the internal structure, completely restoring the hair. Choose products that contain ingredients such as vegetable oils and natural extracts.

• Compatible with Other Treatments: Look for products that are compatible with other treatments.

• Vegan and Cruelty-Free: By choosing vegan and cruelty-free products, you ensure an ethical and correct choice.

Discover Lana Brasil's vegan straightening treatments; the products are vegan, not tested on animals, and promote hair health. Choose this conscious and sustainable option to have incredible hair

Kit Forest Tanino Passo 1 E 2 Sem Formol - 1l

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Intense, shiny smoothness has never been so healthy, now ennobled with the active ingredient TANINO.
Ideal for frizzy and voluminous hair. Forest Tanino treats damaged areas of the hair.
Leaving hair stronger and incredibly smooth and shiny.
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Forest Protein Formaldehyde-Free Hair Straightening Treatment - 1L
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Forest Protein was developed with Amazonian oils, specially combined to create smoother, healthier and longer-lasting hair.
Main active ingredients:
Vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals, omega 3, 6 and vitamin E.
Hair types:
Curly or thick hair.

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Tropical Coconut Keratin- Formaldehyde Free  - 1L
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The beauty of hair is always renewing itself, just like nature. Straight, stiff hair is being replaced by looser, more natural strands. Its exclusive formula redesigns the internal structures of the hair, leaving it aligned, silky and shiny.
Main active ingredients:
Coconut oil and vegetable proteins.
Hair type:
Curly or wavy.
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