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Tropical Coconut Image l Professional Products │Lana BrasilesI
Tropical Coconut Image l Professional Products │Lana BrasilesI


The beauty of hair is always renewing itself, just like nature. Straight, stiff hair is replaced by loosening, more natural hair. Inspired by the lightness and winds of Brazilian beaches, Lana created Tropical Coconut, a hair treatment system with natural ingredients from the Brazilian flora. Its exclusive formula redraws the internal structures of the threads leaving the hair beautifully aligned, silky and shiny. Vegan product, free of formaldehyde and not tested on animals.

Hair types

Straightening in curly or very curly hair.

Step by step

1. Wash your hair with a Deep Cleansing Shampoo of your choice.

2. With the help of a towel or dryer, dry your hair until it looks slightly damp. 

3. Divide the hair into parts. Apply Tropical Coconut with a brush and, with the help of a fine comb, spread the product evenly throughout the length of the strands, strand by strand, without excesses, respecting the distance of at least 1cm from the root.

4. Let the product act for an average of 20 to 35 minutes.
Tip: the product’s action time varies according to the type of hair. For extremely curly hair, we recommend the minimum time of 45 minutes.

5. Rinse the hair without completely removing the product.

6. Make a smooth brush using the hairdryer and a brush.
Tip: For hair with curly roots, it is recommended to use the circular brush at the root to stretch the strands well.

7. Plank the hair, strand by strand, up to 10 times each. Tips:

Always use professional boards, as they maintain a stable temperature.

For blond hair, the maximum temperature of 200 ° C or 392 ° F is indicated to prevent colour oxidation. At “Step 7” the hair is already finished, however, to improve the result, follow the steps below.

8. Let the hair cool down.

9. Rinse hair and blow dry.

10. Plank a maximum of 10 times each strand again.


Main ingredients

Coconut oil and vegetable proteins.

Available in versions

3.38 fl.oz and 33.8 FL.OZ
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