Noble Ingredients

Lovely, Unparalleled Results

Lana Brasiles invites you to a new cosmetic experience. Full of wonderful tactile sensations, and a new universe of care regarding the hair fiber. These are high-performance cosmetics with balanced formulas and noble mixtures never experienced before. You will feel the real concept of high performance and more natural care.

Developed with UNIQUE ASSETS
and POWERFUL blends 

flower Image l Noble Ingredients │Lana BrasilesI
coconut Image l Noble Ingredients │Lana BrasilesI

100% LOVE

For hair, nature and animals

Creating functional cosmetics without any active ingredients of animal origin was a challenge we accepted wholeheartedly. Because for us, beauty is more than a moment, it emanates from the heart. No matter how good the formula and the result may be, they can never cost the tears of an innocent pet. We love animals, and our partnership to protect them is just beginning. Please join us.

The code of beauty, revealed by nature

Extracted direcly from the source of perfection, Lana Brasiles treatments, finishers, and oils are elaborated with rich raw materials, tested and approved by the most demanding standards. Dive deep into this new cosmetic trend new cosmetic trend: more balanced formulas and concentrated

noble ingredients Image l Noble Ingredients │Lana BrasilesI
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